64-B-10 Rose-breasted Grosbeak
65-B-2015 Purple Finch
96-B-12 Swamp Sparrow


The Idaho Bird Records Committee

The IBRC’s purpose is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the birds of Idaho, by providing an officially validated and accurate data source of bird distribution and patterns of avian vagrancy in Idaho.

Committee functions include:

  • Evaluate reports of rare or unusual bird sightings in Idaho.
  • Permanently maintain, for future reference, all original submitted bird reports and subsequent Committee comments and votes.
  • Establish standards of observation and reporting that will increase knowledge of birds found in Idaho.
  • Provide a means by which sight reports can gain universal acceptance as valuable scientific data.
  • Publish and maintain an official Checklist of Idaho Birds and an official List of Idaho Review Species.

IBRC Resources

Checklist of Idaho Birds:

Download: Checklist of Idaho Birds
View the Checklist Online

Review Species:

List of Idaho Review Species
Find out if you should submit a Rare Bird Report for a sighting.
View or download the list, which also includes all species documented to have occured in the state.

Searchable Databases:

Rare Bird Reports
Search through and view the documentation for Idaho Rare Bird Reports.

Idaho Bird Records Database
Search the nearly 190,000 sighting records in the Idaho Bird Records Database.

Committee Members

Chuck Trost email
225 N. Lincoln Avenue, Pocatello, ID 83204-4126

Shirley Sturts, Coeur d’Alene email

Jay Carlisle, Boise email
Darren Clark, Rexburg email
Lisa Hardy, Kellogg email
Dave Trochlell, LaGrande, OR email
Cliff Weisse, Island Park email

Alternate Members:
Charles Swift, Moscow email
Doug Ward, Coeur d’Alene email