4-B-2019 Rusty Blackbird
17-B-11 Red-naped Sapsucker
38-B-2017 Ruddy Turnstone


Report Date Sighting Occurred Status Locality of Observation
30-B-2023 Yellow-billed Loon Pending Stanley Lake, Custer County
6-A-2023 Tricolored blackbird Pending Big Willow Road, 2nd feedlot to the east, Payette County, 44.02273, -116.63084
28-B-2023 Ancient Murrelet Lake Lowell Lower Dam in Canyon County along Riverside Road.
27-B-2023 Hudsonian Godwit In 1st Round Mann Lake, Nez Perce County
Bever and Reservation Line Roads
22-B-2023 Hermit Warbler In 1st Round Camas National Wildlife Refuge.    Along Camas Creek North of the headquarters…
24-B-2023 Clay-colored Sparrow In 1st Round Rails to Trails near the Badger Creek end
25-B-2023 Clay-colored Sparrow In 1st Round Teton River near Harrops Pond, Teton Valley Idaho
4-A-2023 Roseate tern In 1st Round Blue Creek Reservoir
23-B-2023 Ruddy Turnstone In 1st Round Lake Lowell Lower Dam in Canyon County, Idaho. The dam is located along…
26-B-2023 Tennessee Warbler In 1st Round NE of Lick Creek Rd. where it hits the South Fork of the Salmon River and turns…
20-B-2023 Short-billed Dowitcher In 1st Round Black's Creek Bird Reserve
3-A-2023 Prairie Warbler In 1st Round Observed foraging at close range in thick peas in the east windrow at Market…
17-B-2023 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher In 1st Round First observed about 50 meters south of the headquarters office in half-dead…
19-B-2023 Glossy Ibis In 1st Round North American Falls Reservoir marshes. The bird was specifically at these…
18-B-2023 Glossy Ibis In 1st Round Near Mud Lake NWR. I believe we were on N 1800 E north of ID-28. We were…
29-B-2023 Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus) Pending POW-MIA Memorial Highway, Swan Valley, Idaho, US (43.489, -111.45)
16-B-2023 Short-billed Dowitcher In 1st Round Blacks Creek Bird Reserve in eastern Ada County, Idaho.
15-B-2023 Northern Parula In 1st Round Duck Bay, Ponderosa State Park
14-B-2023 Bohemian Waxwing In 1st Round Upper Hills Gulch Trail near 8th St parking area, Boise ID
13-B-2023 Red-breasted Merganser In 1st Round Blacks Creek Bird Reserve, Ada County
11-B-2023 Wood Thrush In 1st Round Downtown Boise on 5th and Main St, Ada County
8-B-2023-b Yellow-Throated Vireo In 1st Round Lucky Peak - Discovery Unit, Ada, Idaho
8-B-2023 Yellow-throated Vireo In 1st Round Lucky Peak State Park, Discovery Unit
12-B-2023 Cape May Warbler In 1st Round The bird was observed at Camas NWR headquarters in Jefferson County,…
45-B-2023 Glossy Ibis Pending 2.5 miles west of Oxford, ID
9-B-2023 Black-throated Green Warbler In 1st Round Camas National Wildlife Refuge headquarters in Jefferson county.
7-B-2023 Palm Warbler In 1st Round Along Camas Creek near where it dumps into Mud Lake.
6-B-2023 Northern Parula In 1st Round Bliss Dam Park, Gooding County, ID: 42.916288,-115.071650
5-B-2023 Summer Tanager In 1st Round Barber Park, along the boise greenbelt trail. 43.568728, -116.138257
4-B-2023 Thick-billed Longspur (TBLO) In 1st Round West side of Teton County on N 6000 W. Exact location was 43.734600, -111.220818
44-B-2023 Gyrfalcon Pending approximately 7 miles south of Pocatello, ID
2-A-2023 Tricolored Blackbird In 1st Round Feed lot, pond, creek, and marsh on Van Deusen Rd, approximately 2 miles north…
1-A-2023 Tricolored Blackbird In 1st Round Big Willow Road, Payette County
1-B-2023 Golden-crowned Sparrow In 1st Round Bar Diamond Ln Access, Fort Boise WMA, Canyon County
3-B-2023 Sagebrush Sparrow In 1st Round Swan Falls Sagebrush Sparrow Site, Ada County
United States…
63-B-2022 Spotted Sandpiper Accepted Barber Park on the Boise River. 43°34'8.7" N 116°8'5.16" W
61-B-2022 American Redstart Accepted Barber Park 4049 S Eckert Rd Boise, ID (ADA County SE Boise)
62-B-2022 Broad-winged Hawk In 2nd Round Corner of Midway and Iowa, Nampa Idaho.
59-B-2022 Rusty Blackbird Accepted Victor, Teton County
57-B-2022 Red Shouldered Hawk In 2nd Round 651 Old BlissGrade Rd Bliss Idaho 42.91437=114.95557
60-B-2022 Thick-billed Longspur Accepted Farm fields SE of Rexburg, ID (Madison County). It's an area known as the…
53-B-2022-b Vermilion Flycatcher Accepted Two miles north of Salmon, Lemhi County
53-B-2022-c Vermilion Flycatcher Accepted Salmon, Lemhi County
53-B-2022 Vermilion Flycatcher Accepted Swift River Farm, Lemhi County, 2 mi. N of Salmon
Outside of house and…
58-B-2022 Rusty Blackbird Accepted Nickerson Bridge at S Bates Road/Teton River, Teton Co., ID
51-B-2022 Band-tailed Pigeon In 2nd Round Intermountain Bird Observatory at Lucky Peak; Ada County.
48-B-2022 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Accepted Ponds located near the junction of Thornrock Road and Hwy 52 located about 11…
50-B-2022 Black scoter In 2nd Round Seen initially on 10/15/2022 from the west end of Lake Lowell Lower Dam.…
48-B-2022-b Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Accepted Little Rock (Thornock) Rd Ponds, Gem County, Idaho, US
Ponds are north…
48-B-2022-c Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Accepted Thornock Rd Ponds, Gem County